2021 Week 49 All the visitors :)

We had lots of friends come this weekend. On Friday night friends came to stay the night and we talked, shared food and did lots of swimming in the pool too. I made dinner for everyone which was very simple as my friend requested dahl, which we ate with rice. All the kids wanted pretty simple fare, everything from toasted sandwiches to instant ramen and dino nuggets. We talked until late into the night and some of the kids outlasted us 🙂 It was a lot of fun. The kids who came to visit bring their computers so they can game and they also played games on the Xbox. I hope they come back soon, we had such a great time. On Saturday night we had some more friends over for a BBQ and my mum also made a curry and some special saffron rice. I made my potato salad and a coleslaw and we marinated various meats for the BBQ which Mr Notebook cooked. From the time our guests arrived we laughed and many stories were shared. It was lovely and fun and I think everybody enjoyed themselves. They left for home at about half past eleven. Sunday Mr Notebook had to work and my mum was out her sister’s house so that left myself and the kids. We luxuriated and relaxed all day long. I watched some episodes from the last season of Downton Abbey again. It’s one of my favourite shows. There is a new Downton Abbey movie coming out next year in March and I cannot wait. I also started watching some episodes of Kitchen Nightmares with favourite chef Gordon Ramsay 🙂 It’s definitely holiday time! Everything is ready for Christmas and I can relax. It’s definitely time for my Christmas playlist and for me to start watching my annual Christmas movie line up. Hope this finds you relaxed and happy 🙂 xo

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