2021 Week 51 It’s Christmas :)

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and good wishes to absolutely everyone regardless holidays! I’m sharing some pictures of our lovely feast. We spent the day together swimming, laughing and generally having a happy time. The power went out later in the day, very unfortunate as we were having a heatwave and it was quite hot. We sat together making up stories and then we had a sing along. We all slept wherever we could find a cool spot. The floor with it’s large cool ceramic tiles was most favoured spot. The power outage continued all of Boxing Day as well and we were never more grateful for the swimming pool. We swam most of the day. We weren’t expecting the power to be restored until at least midnight, but I was alerted by loud whoops of joy at about 2pm when it was back on 🙂 Never have I been more grateful for air-conditioning. I managed to get a lovely phot of all of us on Christmas night during the sing along. Our daughter was playing the guitar and singing. Each member of the family was present but not everyone is in the photo. It’s a memory I will treasure moving forward. I am so grateful. Sending love and good wishes to you xo

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