#344 Gifting

This evening, after an appointment and a busy but good day, I went and picked up my Christmas presents 🙂 They are now wrapped and under the tree. I’m so looking forward to playing with them. A new slow cooker with a sear/sauté and other functions and a Tefal Cook4me +. I only have a…

#343 Air

Feeling like I’m finally coming up for air. I can personally vouch for guided meditations in hard times. Definitely a good idea to stick with it when life is flowing happily, but definitely provide relief when things are difficult. I like Headspace and Smiling Mind as far as apps go. xo

#342 Chilling

If you have Netflix, I have a new recommendation for you! The show is called The Kominsky Method and it is pretty great 🙂 It appeals to all ages in our house and tonight a couple of us are snuggling up and watching a few episodes together. xo

#341 Yawn…

Definitely a day for resting, with more of the same for the evening. Planning on doing another sleep meditation with the Smiling Mind App. I need another Sunday. xo

#340 Christmas Shopping

The preparations continue! I only have a few more gifts to pick up and the decorations are up around the house 🙂 Every year the lights and tinsel cheer me with their sparkle. We are going to make some gingerbread men too. I’m not quite sure what are plans are for the day itself, so…

#339 Hidden Treasures

My daughter was wanting to look for some books of mine. Not a problem, apart from them being in a box somewhere in the garage. Anyway, we got lucky and the first box we pulled out held the books she needed. It was like seeing old friends as we pulled out book after book. There…

#338 Tea & Cake

Cake, sympathy, kind of the same thing, just in different form 😉 I recalled rock cakes from my childhood for some reason last night. I looked up a couple of recipes, found one on BBC Good Food and made them today. They were good and comforting especially with a lovely hot cuppa! So many ways…

#337 Good Vibes

Be hopeful and find the good vibes wherever you can. I know some people think these inspirational quote type things are silly and that’s okay. Sometimes, when life is difficult they help me by reminding me not to lose hope. That’s a good thing. xo

#336 What helps?

When days are difficult, due to stressors that are outside of your power to diminish, what can help? I found a poem a few months back. I’d never heard of the writer or the poem before. It was mentioned in a video that I watched. Afterward, I went online and found a copy to print…

#335 Beyond

Tired, beyond words. Waking up numerous times a night because your mind won’t stop working is difficult. I’m persevering with daily meditation in an effort to ease my mind. Hoping it works soon. xo