#361 Found on the web

I came across this on my internet travels. It made me laugh, especially the “lowkey a hoarder” bit 😉 xo

#359 Merry Christmas!! 🎄

Finally in bed 🙂 I had the most brilliant day with people I love ❤️ There was laughter and love and lots of fun. I missed my eldest very much and called the hospital. He wasn’t doing so well today and didn’t want to talk. I understand and realize that it’s not easy. Tomorrow I…

#358 Christmas Eve

I can barely believe it’s Christmas Eve! Everyone is in bed and some are asleep already. I’m looking forward to the morning unwrapping fun and the delight and surprises. Tonight we watched the movie Klaus on Netflix and cuddled and laughed. Mama and Mr Notebook both fell asleep early. Myself and a few of the…

#356 She’s here!!

So happy my Mama is here 🙂 We’ve spent the evening talking and laughing. All of us together 💜 xo

#355 Ready

I’m all prepared for Mama to arrive sometime tomorrow. I’m going to bake her favorite banana cake in the morning so she can have a slice with a hot cuppa after she arrives. I can’t wait to see her, it feels like ages since she left. In fact it’s only been maybe three months. I…

#354 Friday night fun!

Ahhhh the dark clouds over my head are starting to pass and even though I don’t know what tomorrow is going to hold, I feel more hopeful. I’ve spoken with my eldest and it was sweet, sad, happy, emotional, everything really. He’s still unwell but we managed to talk anyway and most importantly we got…

#353 Still reading :)

I’m almost finished my current read. I’m leaving another cute cat picture for you to enjoy 😉 I’m could be working on some more writing as well as writing here, however, reading is floating my boat so I’m sticking with that. xo